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I do love a good Christmas party - it's all the fun of a party, but with a festive element (and the music is so much more predictable). But what I love best about parties it the prep beforehand - planning your outfit, getting your hair done, doing your makeup... then you're there and your face begins to melt off. So what do you do to prevent this?
TOUCHUPS! I bring almost my entire face with me in my clutch, bar a bottle of foundation and palette the size of a small baby. I jest, I jest; however, here are my current favourite things to carry:

1 - mascara - not many carry a spare mascara but on a night out I go for non waterproof formulas (why? because they are so much easier to remove at 2am) that have a tendency to slip-n-slide, therefore I like to top up. My choice at the moment is Bourjois Volume 1 Second as it really builds up Twiggy-esque lashes for bold eyes with a 60's vibe during party season. 

2 - brow pencil - is it just me or do everyone's brows tend to flop? My eyebrows are my nemesis(es?) and I can't get them right, or when I do they just fly away and I end up browless, so I carry a pencil to fill the gaps again. Plus, this Maybelline Master Shape in Dark Blonde also has a spoolie on the end for taming.

3 - lipgloss - a party ain't a party without glossy lips, and my best gloss formula is Rimmel Moisture Renew (pictured is Peach Fusion) as they contain just the right amount of shimmer to look glam but not tarty.

4 - hairspray - or any styling product - my absolute favourite product for my hair when it's up or down is Umberto Giannini Backcomb in a Bottle as it adds volume and vava voom without the hassle of untangling backcombed hair - and the small bottle is clutch-friendly!

What are your party essentials?

Love, E X

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