GCSE Science Live!

Yep, this was meant to be a beauty blog... oh well! 

About a week ago (ehhh! *does the dance*) I attended the GCSE Science Live lectures with about 25 other girls from my school at the Dominion Theatre at Tottenham Court Road. And they were really good. So I thought I'd tell you about them.
Five scientists and the chief examiner for science all spoke to us for around 20 minutes each - the chief examiner, no offence, was really boring and unengaging. The scientists were awesome and fricking hilarious, and because 4/5 were male, I heard a boy from another school say 'and this is why nerds get girlfriends' which had me in fits of laughter. But onto the content.

The first scientist spoke about space, and my mum was very happy to hear that she was Magge Aderin-Pocock. She has worked at Mission Control for Rosetta and spoke about how she wanted to retire to Mars, therefore wanted to plan a version of Big Brother on Mars, and how she could use science to do this.

Professor Steve Jones from UCL was next, and he started his lecture by telling a group of around 500 14-16 year olds that his job was to make sex boring - he works in genetics. He spoke about how much genetics affect us and made so many innuendos that we were splitting our sides.

A ten minute break later, we were spoken to by none other than Lord Robert Winston - I seriously fangirled. His TV show 'Child of Our Time' is based upon people of my age (born in 2000) and so he spoke about that research, and about babies and experiments, and was all-around amazing. 

We then heard from Dr Simon Singh who spoke about Maths in The Simpsons and how he got Katie Melua to change the lyrics of her song (read this artice for more).

Last was an American scientist called Andrea Sella who was my personal favourite as he made so many hilarious jokes and used a rabbit analogy to explain why things have stripes naturally, using chemistry. 

If you have the opportunity to see any of the scientists, do go along as they are absolute geniuses who deserve so much more celebrity than current celebrities (you know who I mean...;) ).

Love, E X

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