New Year's Resolutions for 2015

Tonight we'll count down 5...4...3...2... Happy New Year! I'll be celebrating at home with my parents and a glass of fizz, wearing my husky onesie and watching the fireworks on the TV, but I'll also be remembering 5 resolutions I'm making for 2015.
1 - Revise harder: I have mocks this year and haven't taken exams overly seriously before (I think it's by luck that I get good grades) so now I want to crack down and get revising as I want to do my family proud... and me proud too.

2 - Eat better: granted, I don't eat badly I just don't eat as well as I could (*looks sheepishly to bin filled with purple wrappers*). I'm giving up fizzy drinks and coffee on weekdays, and am only allowing myself chocolate once a week. I think that's fair. I'm also remembering to drink more water and eat more vegetables!

3 - Keep a diary: I always forget what I've done; where I've been; who I've met; any important dates, so keeping a diary will be useful. Not a 'dear diary, today I ate cabbage' kind of thing, just a jotted note of what I've done out of the ordinary every day, to keep track of where my life is headed.

4 - Exercise!: Not jogging around the local park, more spending half an hour playing on the Wii every evening to lose the extra Christmas weight and just be healthier in general - we have 3 editions of Just Dance for me to sink my heels into!

5 - Be happier: This year hasn't been easy for me emotionally - I'm struggling through depression and want to beat it and move on. I know that's not easy, but appreciating the good things, speaking out, and loving the little things will help me. I am determined to make 2015 an amazing year (before 2016 pops up with those evil little GCSEs...)

What are your New Year's resolutions?

Love, E X

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