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After reading Rebecca's Love Your Teeth Too post, I was inspired to chat about dental care too. I must say, I am one of those people with an irrational fear of the dentist, and yes, I will admit it is irrational because everytime I go nothing bad happens - no fillings *yet*! However, I still take care of my teeth for fear that someday something bad might happen! Obviously, I'm not a dentist or an orthodontist, but I hope my advice is helpful. Here's what I do, and read on if you want to hear a bit about my braces 'experience' too, with a few quotes from my friends...

My toothcare (is that even a word?) regime starts in the evening before I go to bed. I make sure to put in my retainer every other night to keep my teeth straight post-braces. Even after leaving it off for 5 days when on holiday, I could feel the difference! So, I slot my top and bottom clear cases on and go to sleep.

6am. Wake up, and go into the bathroom. After I pee (TMI, Lizzie!), I always brush my teeth with a whitening toothpaste. At the mo I'm using the Macleans White and Shine but Oral B Pro-Expert Whitening is also good. I don't like anything too strong in the morning. I don't like electric toothbrushes, my mum has one that I bought a separate head for but I hated it, it scared me a little and just no. Instead I use an old-fashioned manual toothbrush, medium softness, and I use it to brush my teeth and tongue for two minutes (to measure the time I usually sing a song in my head). After that I use my mouthwash from Listerine. Yes, yes, it's the children's one but I don't like the strong adult tastes, they're gross and make me want to barf (and that won't help my teeth!) so I use this one and it tastes quite nice, not that I'd want to drink it though!

10pm is getting ready for bed time. Every other night, instead of my normal toothpaste, I use Pearl Drops Party Sparkle for an extra whitening boost. I really notice a difference and want to try the Beauty Sleep Overnight Serum from them. I follow up with mouthwash. Then I floss using my Wisdom Easy Floss Daily Flosser (I bought mine from Wilko but Amazon sell them too!). It lets me reach right to the back of my mouth and flosses better than the string-like floss in my opinion.

So that's my dental routine. Next are a few notes on my braces 'experience'.

I had braces fitted in December 2010, when I was 11, and had them on for a year and a half, until July 2012. My teeth were bad. I had jaggered front teeth and the same on the bottom, so I qualified for free nhs braces. Looking back, they weren't that bad, but at the time I thought they were awful as having them tightened and the whole process of putting them on and taking them off was painful. However, it was all worth it as not I have straight teeth and am confident with my smile! My friend Becca (who currently has braces) and I have answered a couple of questions on braces, but if you have any more we'd be happy to answer them.

My dentist says I don't need braces, but I don't like my teeth? Should I pay for them? A friend of our's wants braces too, but I say if your teeth aren't that bad, don't go through the pain. However, if you have £3000 to spare and aren't confident, go for it as it will make you feel better in yourself. Don't do it for the wrong reasons.
What are 'bands'? They're like small elastic bands that you put over one top and bottom brace, connecting them, to help pull the teeth together. You take them out when you eat and put a new set in afterwards. Becca recently got bands and says they taste funny.

If you have any more questions on braces, or toothcare, leave them below and I'll be sure to answer you, or email me at:

Love, E X

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