MUA Luxe PowerBrow Shape + Highlight in Fair Review and Swatches




When I finally found this after about 4 months of searching, I almost screamed, but the superdrug was pretty busy and I was with my mum. But I should have, as this brow pencil is A.MA.ZING!

Reasons Why I Love It:

1 - the colour. This is the perfect tone for blondes - not too ashy, but not too warm - the right mix to keep it more brunette than ginger.

2 - the actual pencil. The nib is so fine it literally can draw in little hairs that make your brows look totally natural.

3 - the formula. Not too dry, but not overly waxy. Hard enough that it stays around, but soft enough that it isn't painful to put on.

4 - the price. It's £3 - how can you go wrong?

5 - the highlight. The shimmery colour looks great on the inner corner as well as on the brow bone, and sticks.

Try this. You won't be disappointed.

Love, E X

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