The Weekend Post #12: 5 Things I Hate About Being 14

A couple of weekend posts ago I spoke about 5 things I love about being 14. Today I'm going to tell you 5 things I hate about being 14... I had to limit myself to 5, otherwise this list could be pages!

1 - You're expected to act like an adult but are treated like a child...  I did say in my last post that teachers treat you like a 'young adult' but when someone says 'you should know better' it makes me angry as we're still kids - either treat us like kids and expect us to act like them, or treat us like adults and then expect us to act like them.

2 - He has to ask you out... aren't times meant to have changed - apparently not as it turns out (according to my bff) that he still has to ask you out... hurry up then!

3 - Pressure  Teachers, we don't take our GCSEs for another 2 years; please stop the work and stress, otherwise we'll be dead by 2016!

4 - Old friends am I meant to like randomly bumping into people from primary school then chatting for what seems like ages, because I don't. I just want to live in the present, not be reminded of the past

5 - My friends all getting boyfriends because I will always be single, and have no one to hang out with... :'(

What do you hate about being your age?

Love, E X

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