The Highlights: Bodycare | November 2013

Bodycare is somewhere I tend not to spend a lot of money or time - I can't be arsed to fake tan and my legs aren't on show half the time so what's the point in shaving them? I have been using a few great products recently so I though I'd share. Cue the bodycare highlights...

Soap and Glory is one of my favourite budget bodycare (and makeup and skincare) brands as they do so many amazing products that smell divine. If I need deep moisturisation after my bath I use the Righteous Butter. With their original 'pink' scent and packaging, this rich, thick cream gives intense smooth hydration to my limbs and absorbs quite quickly.
However, some days I don't need a thick cream and this Smoothie Star Body Milk lotion is fab. It smells like almonds, oats and brown sugar and leaves my skin super hydrated and not sticky. Next on my wishlist with this scent is The Breakfast Scrub!
Last, since my soap and glory bodywash ran out, I've been circulating Dove bodywashes which are amazing too. This Creme Mousse is super thick and foams up amazingly if (randomly) I do decide to shave my legs. A great cleansing cream that isn't too expensive either.

What are your bodycare faves? Any new discoveries?

Love, L X

Happy Birthday to my bestie Tulsi, who turns 14 today xxx


  1. I looooove soap & glory products!

    Alice | Beauty By Alicee xxx

    1. me too (obvs x)! What's your fave? (makeup + bodycare x)

      PS are u part of the bloggers secret santa?


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