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 I'm starting a series - The Tech Edit. It'll happen once a month, on a Sunday ('The Day Off') and will be me explaining/chatting about all things tech-y. That includes apps, software, and any other things you'd like to see. The first post is this one - all about my favourite gaming apps. In no particular order...

A firm fave is 'Cut The Rope'. The little 'Om-Nom' character is so cute and this game can become increasingly addictive if (like me) you had a three hour plane journey with a screaming baby and man next to you who used the loo SIX times.  This kept me somewhat sane.

A guilty pleasure of mine is Solitaire. I can play game after game for hours and my best time is 1 1/2 minutes! Oh, the perks of being a nerd.

Dana from Wonderforest's new app, Wondercorn, is seriously addictive. Not only does it have a unicorn, wings and an alice in wonderland theme, it is also not too tricky and I'm already about 12 levels in - and it's free!

A generic one, but I do love Candy Crush and I can play until all my lives run out! I'm on level 88 - what level are you on?

Ahh.. Dumb ways to die - the viral video has a hilarious game that gets me out every time!

What are your favourite game apps? What Candy Crush level are you on and any tips?

Love, L X


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