Life Lately #1 | November 2013

 Life lately has been really good - my birthday yesterday (but this post was written in advance as I will probs be asleep on a sofa next to my bessie Becca after a late night of gossiping when you're reading this!) and a fab few weeks prior.

I finally finished World Without End, the Ken Follett sequel I've been loving. Though a little grosser than the last one (eg cheeks being sliced off!) I still loved it and will read some more of his - the TV series is defo worth a watch, but I'm biased as I'm related to one of the actors!

After a long week of trying to track this pleather skirt from Dorothy Perkins down, I finally found it ON SALE for £18. I almost jumped. An early birthday present from me, maybe? *Yes, the pleather skirt thing was a complete ViviannaDoesMakeup copy, so what?*

I found this Bioderma rip-off micellar water in Beauty Base @ Westfield - 500ml for £3! It's just as good as the L'Oreal and B.Pure ones, so if you can get your hands on this buy it!

I've also been trying to keep this drawer tidy - it holds my haircare and bodycare stuff that I use after a bath, but it just ends up being a dumping ground for a load of crap... any tips on keeping it tidy/organising it?

What has your life been like lately? Any blog post ideas?

Love, L X

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