What's In My Bag? Autumn 2013 Edition | COLLAB with Beauty By Alicee

Can you believe that after nearly a year of blogging I haven't uploaded a What's in my bag? post? *gasp!* Well, today I am and it's even more special as it's a collab with my friend Alice from Beauty By Alicee; she's fab and has a youtube channel as well. She'll be linked at the end of the post so be sure to check out her blog and subscribe to her youtube too!
To clarify, this is what's in my handbag, not schoolbag, but if you'd like to see one of those let me know in a comment below x

Let's start with the random, boring bits. I carry a wallet, obviously, and my bright green one is from Monki and is perfect. I also carry a folder and pencil case in case I need to write anything down/collect any papers - this doesn't mean that pens and paper don't roll about the floor of my handbag though! Lists and biros are everywhere! My watch ends up in my bag by the end of the day as well as any rings I'd been wearing and my glasses. My phone, keys and ipod are essential, as well as my train tickets and oyster card. A nail file and sweets are always handy also.

Now for the beauty bits! As you can see, I carry an excessive amount of lip products - I count 7, with 3 revlon lip butters! Elizabeth! I need hand sanitizer, as well as tissues and a tangle teezer. A comb is useful for pesky flyaways and so is my Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray for touch-ups. I carry a spoolie and Real Techniques Buffing Brush just in case my makeup slides. When waiting around, I carry hand cream and my cutipen to give myself a little manicure - always a treat! The little pot contains some spot treatment/moisturiser for those days!

What do you carry in your handbag? How many lip products are you hoarding?

Love, L X


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