October Random Favourites | TV, MUSIC, NAILS, ETC

Considering the popularity of my last random favourites post, I thought I'd do another - this time involving nails and music.

I'm not allowed to wear nail polish to school but I like to keep my talons in good condition using the Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover. I have quite alright cuticles but this helps in keeping them ship-shape. During the mufti day and brief holiday nail-polish wearing period, I opted to paint my nails with Nail Inc. 'All Saints Road' - a gorgeous royal blue colour that makes me stare at my nails non stop. For a different type of manicure, I've loved the NYC Matte Me Crazy Top Coat (fragrancedirect)  for leather-look nails.

There's always a shortage of lined paper in our house but my grandma has no use for the crazy amounts of refil pads my grandad left behind so she gave loads to us. I've been writing everything down and am becoming a much more organised person (says girl at desk so cluttered you can barely turn the computer on).

For TV, I'm still watching Some Girls and wishing Viva and Rocky back together. I've also been loving The Ginge, the Geordie and the Geek, though I am only on episode 2 and the X Factor (which you already know if you've read my X Factor post).

Luke Friend and The 1975 has been all that's been playing this month - I listen to it on the way to school, from school, on the train, tram, bus, in my room. The 1975's Chocolate is a firm fave as well as Luke Friend's cover of Sex by The 1975 *raises eyebrows*.

What have you been loving? Who is your X Factor fave?

Love, Lizzie x


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    1. we didn't - have followed x love that cara pic xxx

  2. The 1975 are amazing!!!!

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    1. Only one away now! What's your fave song? X L X


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