Mini Primark Haul #7 | New Into Primark November 2013

 My last one of these primark hauls is now my most viewed post, so I thought it best to do another seeing as you all enjoyed it! I popped into primarni just before I went on holiday and this is what I bought!

Boring hair ties are first as the hair tie fairy has been stealing them during the night and I need to put my hair up - it is a serious issue when I can't find an elastic to put my hair up in, and elastic bands just don't cut it. They're £1 for 30.

 Yes, I'm that much of a sheep. I bought that scarf. I felt I deserved it as I missed out on that dress (ie red with black flowers... ohh that dress). This is a gorgeous, warm scarf that will be perfect for the winter season. I'm afraid of it bobbling though as it is 100% acrylic, but what more do you expect from Primark? The scarf was £5.

I could not pass up this amazing statement necklace for £3. I wore it almost everyday on holiday, it just goes with everything. The hardware is very plasticy but it isn't noticable when you're wearing it. The blue is perfect for this season, and it may be a new fave!

 Last is this jumper. I love knitwear, and primark brings it every year! This particular piece was £8 and has the perfect straight neckline for me. They have a ton of colours, from pastels to brights to these autumnal tones - the green and navy ones are defo on my birthday list.

I was in Primark today and did some serious hinting to my mother about a small pack of 4 midi rings for £1.50 and a pair of heeled office shoes for £6 - get yours now!

What have you been picking up in primark recently? Where have you been finding good knitwear?

Love, L X

Lest we forget

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  1. Love the jumper, may have to go get myself one! :) xxx

    1. You really must! Such good value! X

  2. I love the necklace! Such a pretty piece :)

    1. It seems to just go with everything! I need more colours! X


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