Favourite Vlogmas(es)

My love of the run up to Christmas is because of a few things:
1 - advent calendars
2 - Christmas decorations
3 - vlogmas on youtube!
I love watching vlogmas vlogs when I get home from school or am getting ready for bed as they're so festive and make me very excited for Christmas!
Therefore, I'm going to share who my top 3 vlogmas-ers are!
Coming in third place is... Kate from Kate La Vie
I've loved Kate's blog for yonks now, and her channel having more content on it now is just fabby. And now her cat Mouse has returned, I just cannot stop 'aww'ing.
Second place is...  Gillian from elevator musik
Another whose blog I have read for ages, but her channel was neglected until VLOGMAS - she lives in Edinburgh which is one of my favourite places, so seeing more of that city through the lens of someone who lives there is a real pleasure.
And finally, my number one is... Katie Snooks!
Katie is one of my absolute favourite bloggers, as her and her fiance Andrew are just the lovliest, most genuine people on the internet. Her vlogmas (along with #bruisemas and #burnmas) videos are just hilariously full of the funny moments in everyday, and I just love it.
Go watch these girlies, they're awesome!

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