Red Ribbons

Wrapping gifts is one of my favourite elements of Christmas - creating little tied up bundles of joy makes me very happy, and I spend a lot of time devising what I want to do.

This year, I've kept it very simple. I've wrapped everything in brown paper, then used a variety of red accessories to make them look very pretty. I like all my presents to look similar, so all of mine this year are tied with ribbon or string and a brown tag.

I purchased all of my ribbons from Tiger - all the spools of ribbon were £1. The thick red satin ribbon is 10m, the glitter ribbon is (I think) 5m and I have no idea about the string but there's loads of it!

The tags were also £1 for 15, and they're super sturdy and cute! And I purchase my brown paper from the pound shop every year! Bargain wrapping, complete!

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