Last Minute Christmas Gift Guide 2016

Honestly, I did the majority of my Christmas shopping today, so I thought it apt to show you some gifts you can still buy on the eve of Christmas Eve and on the day itself, as some of us do like to leave it very very late indeed!
For the girls and guys, Boots still have great gift sets stocked on the stands, and you can get a fab deal if you go down the 3-for-2 route also.
TV box sets and CDs are always easy ideas, as you can see what HMV has and also get points on your Pure HMV card too! I did this for a few people this year, and know that I also love receiving box sets and music too - Adele's '25' will be super popular this year!
Also for guys and gals come perfumes and aftershaves. It's something we don't often buy ourselves, yet they're something we use everyday. Plus, anytime they spray it they'll think of you!
Beauty bits are nice for girls too, especially brushes - Superdrug have the HUGE Real Techniques set for just £50 which is an amazing deal if you don't have them!
Books are good gifts too - a recipe book or non fiction/biography is better than a fiction book as people can be more picky over fiction, unless you know their favourite author/genre.
For men who are big kids, these new micro-drones look like absolute fun for Christmas day (both my Dad and Uncle are getting them this year!) and they aren't too expensive either, depending on the size you want to get!
There's also the easy option of gift cards, but that's just the obvious cop out really!

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