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Admittedly, I still love One Direction and (some of) the Big Top 40. However, my recent music tastes have been drifting away from generic pop into quite a few different genres.
HALSEY - omg this woman is my new girl crush - I would marry her tomorrow. But her music is also amazing, and I am obsessing over Ghost, New Americana and Colors at the moment. My new found love just grows and grows.
Hayley Kiyoko - similar style ish to Halsey, similar online personality too (feminist!!!), and I have loved Girls Like Girls for ages, but now it's also Cliff's Edge and This Side of Paradise.
Nina Nesbitt - her YouTube channel where she is like a normal person is so cute, and I just love her accent (Scottish sistersss!), but her entire Peroxide album is just something that I can listen to on repeat and skip nothing. Mr C, Stay Out and He's the One I'm Bring Back are my favourites. 
Oh Wonder - I came to the sudden realisation recently that Jose Vanders, Listen To Layla and the girl from Oh Wonder are all the same person - therefore many of my favourite songs (Faces Going Places, Holes and Without You) are all by the same person! So IN LOVE with her and Oh Wonder, her new collaboration.
Give these a listen - they're my faves.

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