what I did in 2015 (that you can do in 2016!)

Looking back, 2015 has had its ups and downs, however I'm sure it was the best year of my life. And here's some of the awesome stuff I did that made it so great:
I travelled. I went on 4 planes in 2015, which is quite incredible. I went to Italy, Spain, Scotland and Portugal. I feel so fortunate and lucky to have been able to see Siena for school and to develop my Italian speaking skills and confidence in the language, to have been to the Algarve and Andalucia with my lovely parents, who do take me on the most amazing trips, and to my beloved home of Scotland, this time to Glasgow with my Mum. (I will have more 10 Things Travel posts going up for these in the new year!!)
I ventured into my city. I saw so much more of my hometown London this year, especially the tourist-y stuff. I went on the London Eye, which was fab and I cannot wait to take my best friend for her birthday (but shhh don't tell her!). I also got to know Holborn a lot better, as well as seeing the Imperial War Museum twice, which is somewhere definitely worth a visit.
I was brave. I went to Thorpe Park, which was a big deal for me, and loved it. I also stood up for myself through a lot of problems with someone, and I also battled through interviews which gave me great feedback and results.

I ate well. I found a love for baking again, and made some fab cakes. I ate out often, and didn't count the calories, which was good.

I had fun. I had sleepover pillow fights. I stayed up all night talking to someone who made me happy. I laughed at myself. I skipped curfew and the punishment was worth it. I made new friends. I smiled.

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