Doing It For 6 Year-Old Me


After listening to Adele's new(er) song When We Were Young (which I am in love with by the way) I was feeling very nostalgic and delved into the archives of childhood photographs and came out with some absolute gold - some of which will not be featured on the internet for obvious reasons.

I love and hate looking back; I love remembering how happy I was as a child, and how content I was without any clue of where I was going, but just having fun in the moment and not worrying, whereas I hate the comparison to now.

Now, I'm constantly terrified. Of the future, of not knowing where I'm going, of having regrets. I'm worred and scared all at the same time.

But now I'm reminding myself: who did that little girl want to be? Where did she see herself at *gasp* sixteen?

She wanted to be happy - so that's my focus. Whether that means cutting toxic people out of my life, or eating whatever crap I want over Christmas, or having a Lush bath and not caring that it was £3.65 literally down the drain.

I'm doing it. For her, for 6 year old me, who just wanted to smile.

Do something for your childhood self this year, before it's over.

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