What I Got For Christmas 2015

I want to kick this post of by saying that I hope anyone reading this had a lovely, very merry Christmas, ate too much, sang a few Xmas hits and had a whale of a time with your family, friends and people you love.

The past couple of years' Christmas hauls were well-received, so I decided to share a few of my more interesting gifts this year as present inspiration or if you're just nosey as I am, but they're not meant to be malicious or showing-off! But now onto the lovely gifts that I am so thankful and grateful for this year - my family really did spoil me and I love them to pieces!
My fabulous mother put together a little bag of baking bits for me this year as I've really got into making cakes, cookies and all things sweet! She picked me up a few of the Jane Asher goodies (stocked in Poundland): cupcake cases, cake pop moulds and sticks, mini sieves and some sprinkles too! She chose a box of 23 piping nozzles for all my cupcake decoratings, and to help decorate larger cakes, an Icing Turntable which is adorably retro! She also put in there this Nutella Spreader from Pylones!

I always put a few books and DVDs on my wishlist to Santa, and this year Santa did well! I received Castle Season 7 which I have been excited to see since I received Season 6 last year! The Office Seasons 6 and 7 have been on my to-watch list since I finished the last season on Amazon Prime, so these will be devoured quickly! Then something my Mum has wanted to see is Pitch Perfect 2 so she wrapped it up for me and we'll watch it together!

Books-wise, I received more feminist non-fiction in the form of Rebecca Solnit's Men Explain Things To Me which sounds funny, but also an interesting read, so will keep you updated. Anne Cassidy's 'Murder Notebooks' series was something I was reading a while ago, but the last installment, Dead and Buried, is something I am looking forward to getting my teeth into. Finally, I've seen a lot of quotes floating about recently from What We Talk About When We Talk About Love which seems a sweet quick read.

A blogger Christmas haul isn't complete without a few beauty bits! I always ask for some Toni&Guy bottles, and this year my parents treated me to the Blonde Hair line and the Leave-In Conditioner which should be good, as I loved their old, discontinued leave in conditioner (check back old blog posts, as it featured a lot!). I also was lucky enough to be given a new bottle of my Una Brennan Cleansing Oil which is my favourite makeup remover, and a couple of Lush goodies; Butterbear which is a Christmas classic, and the Salt and Peppermint Bark scrub thing which sounds really good!

Finally, my family like to get me a few less serious gifts to continue my childhood - this year was a Harry Potter Colouring Book and some Staedtler Pens which is such a great thing to receive and kept me busy on Boxing Day! Dad picked me up a Pez which is of (I think) Jake from the Neverland Pirates - I do love a good Pez machine! My nan chose me these novelty bubblebaths from M&S - one is a snowman and the other is Santa Claus, and I don't know whether I'll use them in my bath, but they'll look cute on the tub side. Then, lastly, my parents got me this LED Torch and batteries; there's a funny story behind this. A couple of weeks ago, my dad was abroad with work and my mum was at a late meeting, so I was home alone when there was a powercut. I freaked out, and if you know me you'll have seen how I couldn't find a torch (turns out it would've been too high up for me to reach anyway) and I ended up with all the candles and fairy lights I could find in my front room, waiting for my mum to return home as she was not picking up her phone. So now I have my own torch to stop my freak outs (well, just to lessen the panic!).

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