Gift Ideas #3 Lush Sweet Christmas

I love Lush, and so receiving anything from Lush is just a dream come true - and I think a lot of teenage girls feel similarly! 

I was gifted this 'Sweet Christmas' set from my friends for my birthday, and I am so very excited to use it.

First things first, the packaging of all the Lush sets is just beautiful! Some are also toys, the knot-wraps are lovely, and I keep all the paper that they come in because it's just too pretty!

This set is so girly - with Snow Fairy shower gel and the Magic Wand bubble bar, you'll be smelling very sweet indeed, and the Comforter shower cream is definitely something I'm excited to try!

Then the Christmas bath bombs Yog Nog and Luxury Lush Pud will be very exciting to try!

If you have any female relatives (or male) who love bodycare or pampering, Lush gift sets are the best gifts to give!

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