Gift Ideas #1 Little Box of Love

After receiving this beautiful gift from Bomb Cosmetics for my birthday, I knew it would be the perfect gift for any young girl for Christmas.

The 'Little Box of Love' contains 6 bath products - 4 'bath mallows' and 2 'bath creamers' (only 5 pictured because oops I used one!). They are all very high quality bath bombs (think Lush but dinky!) and smell amazing.

I was so overwhelmed by the stock on the website too - not only do they have the cutest affodable gift sets (£10-£15) but they also have individuals of all the bath products - and there are tonnes!

Ranging from £2+ the bath bombs are so cute - some look like cupcakes while others are the tradtional round ping-pong ball sized bombs. I will definitely be ordering some to put in people's presents this year as they're less expensive as Lush but still adorable and fab!

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