Sleepover Week #2: Packing Tips and Essentials for a Sleepover

Obviously, we all have different circumstances in which to leave a sleepover - some may go home at 11 after a leisurely breakfast then drive home not to be seen by anyone. Me, however, will be sleepover-ing til late on Friday, then at 8am the next morning will have to leave (with Becca) to go to Maths where I have to look presentable etc (ie: mathletes don't like smelly people). So, this is what I'm packing and I hope this helps one or two of you x

This is the bag I'll be taking - it's from BHS sometime last year and the zip's broken, which means it fits a lot more stuff. Oh, and the massive yellow thing is my maths folder; I also have a pencil case, calculator and A4 notepad in there. It could fit a lot more if I wasn't mathsy. 

First thing you need is an outfit for the next day - I tend to go for leggings or joggers and a tee if I'm not going anywhere afterwards, but because I am I went for jeggings-jeans hybrids, a pink tee, snood and grey cardi. I paired this with my smallest shoes, my pumps.

 (sorry for the craperoo picture, lighting was awful)

You need cute PJs for a girlie sleepover, and Primark is the place - whether you're a shorts, joggers, undies or onsie kinda girl you'll find something for you there.

Next is toiletries - I try to pack light but it always fails, resulting in my friends thinking I'm crazy but having a mini-facial anyway.

So that's it all in there - what do you think? Am I missing anything? Yes - a bag for your dirty laudry, but that's it I think!

Love, E X

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