The Weekend Post: Sharing The Love #1 | My Favourite Blogs

Who else is awful at 'hand-hearts'? Just me... :'(

Hi everyone, today's weekend post is all about the blogs I love... now, if you look at my personal bloglovin page you'll notice that I follow over 400 blogs... crazy. But only a few do I love. And these are those....

NB - I'm only mentioning less well-known blogs, not the BIG bloggers as you all probably follow them x

Faithfully Emma - I love Emma's writing style and the way her words just flow. Her photography is also beautiful as well as her makeup! Her NYE eye look is one I copy often!


 qworter life crisis - I am obsessed with Maddie's Youtube channel and now her blog - the variety of posts from food to skincare is amazing and she really researches!

The Bird Song - AKA Bloglovin's best kept secret! Sophie's blog is always buzzing and she is the biggest enabler of my purchases - check out her 'beauty bag' posts for makeup ideas!

Those Stars That Shine -  Sarah's hauls make me want to shop! I love her casual style and '5 Things to Save For' has been my biggest wishlist inspiration!

thunderl0ve - Thunder Love is one of those blogs that no matter what the post is I will always read it and have spent many a sunday morning reading old posts - I think I've read them all! Natalie has such a great knowledge of beauty and her Youtube is also amazing!

What are your favourite underrated blogs? Would you like me to do more of these posts?

Love, E X


  1. oo what a lovely post, it's great to spread the word! Will definitely check out all of these blogs :) Definitely would like to see more, I love new reads!
    L xo


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