Sleepover Week #3: What to do at a teen sleepover?/Sleepover ideas

Sadly, we have come to the end of Sleepover week - this post will be some ideas of what to do at a sleepover. I have 10 ideas - any more please leave as comments!

1. Gossip - we're 14 year olds in an all-girls school; there's gonna be gossip! We love to chat about who's up to what and share all our info!

2. Truth or Dare - I personally am more of a truth girl, but I still enjoy this game as it keeps us all on edge and we all have a laugh! We've had things from 'shout that boy's name out the window' to 'propose to my mum'!

3. Never Have I Ever - although we tend to play this with coke or sweets, this is traditionally played with alcohol (we'd never!). Basically,  one person says something they've never done (ie never have I ever got lover than 50% in an exam) and if you have you have to take a drink. I love this as it's a load of laughs and you end up spilling a load of secrets.

4. Movies - one of my friends has NetFlix so we watch all sorts of TV and movies but sleepover faves are Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (did you see my tweets?!), Mean Girls, BigBangTheory, HIMYM and Twilight.

5. Making food - when it's one am and you're making brownies, you know you're with your besties. That happened at my friend's when we were hungry and had eaten all the other food, oops!

6. QI - we're big QI fans over at mine and so we love this book of fun facts like 'the centre of the universe tastes like raspberries' and 'The words written on twitter everyday would fill a 10-million-page book'. They're fun for nerds like us.

7. Makeovers - obviously my forte. I tend to bring over a large makeup bag and we all have a go at painting each other's faces. It all goes well until someone uses blue eyeshadow on cheeks and end up with 3 eyelashes. But it's all fun really!

8. Murder in the dark - best played before the parents are asleep. Pick a piece of paper which either says murderer, detective or victim but keep shtum unless you're the detective. You then turn the lights off and hide, then the murderer 'murders' someone. The detective then has to figure out whodunnit. More fun when played high on sugar and with a bunch of screaming teenage girls.

9. Twister - we LOVE twister so much; we all just end up lolloped on top of each other crying with laughter because I always lose.

10. Just Dance! - or any other wii or xbox games as we love to dance, and again, it has us howling to the hills!

What are your sleepover faves? Have you enjoyed sleepover week? What other themed weeks should I host?

Love, E X


  1. ahhh I miss proper sleepovers with my girls, we used to have some funny traditions- barbie workout at 12pm (all in pink of course) murder in the dark, 20 questions!
    Loving the themed week!

    1. thanks Lizzie x don't want my girlie sleepovers to ever end! I can imagine us as grandmas in our cat PJs spilling secrets!


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