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Hi All - today I'm going to be sharing my weekend day routine - getting ready to my usual day out. I live in London, so can get out and about via train or tube (that weekend it was tube) in a matter of minutes. 

I wake up at about 8am - the time I have to be in school on a weekday - and immediately press the snooze button on my iPad. I keep pressing until about quarter past, when I wake myself up, check my emails and look at bloglovin'.

Of course, I have to bid Good Morning to my baby Muchamore.

I head into my bathroom and wash my face using Peaches and Clean by Soap and Glory. I leave this on while I'm brushing my teeth and then take it off with a flannel - it leaves my skin smooth and soft.

I brush my teeth using this Oral B Whitening toothpaste as it leaves my teeth feeling really clean and helps to whiten them.

We need the tunes and of course I listen to Luke - he must win!

I sit at my dressing table and use these products to prep my skin for makeup.

This was my makeup for my face that day - I was going for a natural finish with a berry lip.

I like jumpers and leggings in winter - I paired a tartan scarf with a berry jumper and houndstooth leggings. I also wore my winter coat and black boots.


Hair is simple for me - I straightened my front sections and used a little dry shampoo to add texture. I decided to pull it into a topknot to get it out of my face.

My mum and I caught the tube to Shepherd's Bush for a bit of shopping. I love the tube but hate the idiots on it that don't offer their seat or barge past (or sneak past) on the escalators - I just shout 'rude' loudly; it may not help but it sure helps the guilty conscience.


 This bag was in M&S - I looove it - defo on the Xmas list!

This is in the centre - I love the Christmas decor. They were putting the ice rink in when I was there.

My fave restaurant is Pho (fur) - a Vietnamese place that serves amazing fresh food. I love to go there when in Spitalfields, Westfield or Brighton.

  I ordered Pho Noodle Soup in the variation Pho Tai which is thinly sliced steak in a spiced soup - amazing!

My mum had Pho Xao in Pho Xao Ga which is dry noodles with chicken - also divine.

We had some pork spring rolls as a side, also delish!

That was my day - I did a bit of shopping but nothing major, and this is how I spend most weekends. 

What do you do most weekends? Would you like to see a weekday version?

Love, L X


  1. Aww you had such a lovely day! I wish I lived in London :(

    Alice | Beauty by Alicee | YouTube

    1. I'm sure where you live is fab too! Xx

  2. Replies
    1. Me too! I'd never had thought M&S, but they have some good stuff this season x


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