Corfu Trip November 2013

Yes, this has been a looong time coming. I did go to Corfu at the beginning of November, and it's taken me a month to do what have you with the pictures. But here are some of my favourites, in case you were wondering what my parents and I got up to, or are visiting the island and want to know where to go. 

Side note: It was November but, as you can see, I was in shorts. It was scorchio!

 drying off
 watching x factor performances (we left on saturday morn)
 red sky at night...
 hi mummy!
 walking along the wall
 hey y'all
 clear sea
the views
 mumma + me
 graffiti in Corfu Town
 photo of a photo
 sand + sea
 the (other) white house on Corfu
 hey dude
 this. was. huge.
 flying lion... say what?
 more beach
sandy toes

I really miss the heat of Corfu now we're close to snow in London, and am looking forward to holidays next year - I'm off to Athens with my gfs in July!

Love, L X


  1. Heyyy that's my hometown! I hope you had a great time! :)

    1. Coincidence! Yeah, we loved it! Will defo return, and we don't usually go back to the same place! XXX


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