H&M Symphony Eau De Toilette Set/Trio | Fragrance Set Green Haze//Pink Macaroon//Vanilla



 Whilst rifling through the H&M sale racks on Friday (some great deals!) I noticed this little set in the beauty section. The gorgeous holographic rose gold packaging really caught my eye and I purchased. Trust me, this is the best stocking stuffer I've found for a last-minute pressie.

For £4.99, you really can't go wrong. The set contains 3 10ml fragrances with super cute names; green haze, pink macaroon and vanilla.

Now, I'm not amazing at describing scents but I think they smell like this (H&M's approach in italics)

Green Haze - fresh and light, slightly grassy?
 (top notes of melon, peach and bergamot, middle notes of lily-of-the- valley, clover, rose and violet, and base notes of sandalwood, musk, cedar and vanilla)

Pink Macaroon - sugary and girly, like candyfloss a bit!
(top notes of fresh citrus and green apple, middle notes of peach, raspberry, plum and coconut, base notes of sandalwood and cedar)

Vanilla - straight up sweet vanilla, not one for those who dislike sweet smells!
 (a soft, pleasant vanilla fragrance)

Well worth £4.99 and my H&M had a lot so if not for someone else, why not buy for yourself? Or catch it in the post-Xmas sales!

Love, L X

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