Winter Hot Chocolate "Recipe" Using Aero Hot Chocolate

Today I'll be showing you my method for making fool-proof hot chocolate from a few ingredients including aero hot chocolate, my personal favourite. You will need: a mug, aero hot chocolate, milk, squirty cream, a spoon, marshmallows (opt.)

And some music, of course. 

Boil your kettle. Put 4 teaspoons of powder into the mug.

Pour a small amount of milk into the mug.

Mix the milk and powder to  create a smooth paste.

Add the water and stir... see how amazingly bubbly it is!

Add your squirty cream generously and finish with marshmallows or some grated chocolate.

Mmm... I need one of these right now. I'm off to the kitchen, how about you?

Love, L X

PS I'm sorry if you don't have any hot choc powder in your home at the mo; this muts have been torture. xxx


  1. How spooky, I have a hot chocolate/winter drinks post scheduled for next week! Great post and now I want a hot chocolate!

    Alice | | xxx

    1. coincidence! xx I was so ill today, I really needed one of these x


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