No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush Review


It seems like all beauty gurus rave about is their Clarisonic, but after hearing some negative reviews (and not wanting to shell out £100+) I decided to find a cheaper option. And the cheapest and most accessible electric facial brush was this one from No7 for £24.95 (or £15 on offer).

The brush itself has a super soft head and two speed settings, of which I use the slower one. I try to only use it once or twice a week to avoid my skin breaking out too much, as I've heard that could happen, but no problems so far!

I feel like this brush has improved my skin texture quite a lot, but hasn't done a lot with my blemishes - :(

I would recommend this for £15 and will continue to use this with my simple deep cleansing face mask (which works way better as a cleanser!)

Have you tried a facial cleansing brush?

Love, L X


  1. I have a clarisonic and it's sat in my drawer as I just forget to use it! :(

    This looks like a very good alternative.

    Alice | | xxx

    1. Glad someone who owns one thinks so too x


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