The Christmas Bucket List Tag

12 days to go - eek! Best get preparing and what better way that with a Christmas Bucket List Tag? I saw this on Alice's blog and thought that it was perfect!

1.  Make an angel for the top of the tree - our tree top is always left bare; time to dig out the paper plates and glitter! 

2.  Eat Christmas Pudding - every year I pass the pudding but this year I'm going to be brave and have a slice - it's the fact that it comes to the table on fire that always puts me off!

3.  Watch Xmas movies - elf, the polar express, love actually... a movie night is planned for the last day of term with my girlies!

4.  Sit next to Great Grandma at the dinner table - my Great Grandma is coming up from Shoreham-by-Sea this year for Christmas as it's her first year without my Great Grandad, so I want to make it extra special (+ any excuse for a new dress, right?!)

Those are mine - what are yours? You're all tagged - say I tagged you!

Love, L X

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